Triple Winner of the
"golden Akademia Award"
for the best Jazz EP, the best Jazz Single and Pop single in 2015, from Los Angeles

Pat Sunny Spring one of the most booked jazz and swing soloists of europe known by tv and radio broadcasting stations with his project Hoboken Songbook.

Not many artists bring the charm with such a charisma,
the melancholy and powerful mood on the stage, how it them
to unforgotten dimensions of this music era america of 40-60 years acted.

Enjoy the immortal evergreens of Francis Albert Sinatra, Dino, Bennett in a
90 minute concert of the top class.
Dream with melodies about love and dance with powerful swing.



The project Hoboken Songbook is a project from the last time
and today´s music diction, with the call of something new, but still
to well-known to model.


With the project we want build a bridge between the music genres like
jazz/swing and classical period build.


Our countries needs bridges!!!

Finally, we want to our ideas a mark to capes and our internal fire,
the fact that already blazes so long, outwardly carry.


Vocally illustrious by Mr.Pat Sunny Spring, 
with an unusual, soulful one and honest voice.....

musically doing good, powerfully and motively accompanies by successful BigBands, known
by broadcasting stations, TV and guest performances by jazz dimensions


supported and promoted by RazzMaTazz Music Entertainment


if this is a recipe, which one so still on nobody musical menu finds.


We present the brillant times Swing&Jazz of the 1930th to 70th years,
with the main focus of Francis Albert Sinatra.


This project is accompanied by successful and known bigbands in classical occupation.


In smaller appearances to concerts the occupation is variable of course.
Thus successful concerts also pose no problem with an occupation of 3-8 musicians,

or are played as a solo programme.

Always, however, live chanted.


Our concerts become with the arrangements of Cole Porter, Don Costa, Nelson Riddle, Johnny Mercer and Count Basie presents.
With various string players and lindyhop dancers we transfer the listeners back in brillant times of swing and jazz.

More and more, even young people, these concerts enjoy and are to be inspired for this.


This epoch of the history of music is imperishable and if a comeback experiences just again.

Concerts on big or small stages ore ours at home.
We present not only this music, but live this and if these try to the listeners and guests so near and to give an understanding realistically and to arouse enthusiasm.
A music where nobody long on the chairs sits, or itself not moved.








Pat Sunny Spring and the Music Label and Publisher of RazzMaTazz Music Entertainment
is official member and ambassador are for "Save the children" 
We are pleased about any support here, on our concerts or by the purchase of our cd´s and autographs.