Hoboken Song Poject



We present the brillant times of Swing&Jazz of the 1930th to 70th years,

with the main focus on Francis Albert Sinatra, performed
by the german crooner Pat Sunny Spring.

This project is accompanied by successful and known bigbands in classical occupation.
In smaller appearances to concerts the occupation is variable of course.
Thus successful concerts also put with an occupation from 3-8 musicians no problem.


Our concerts become with the arrangements of Porter, Mercer, Costa, Riddle and Basie presents.

with various string players and lindyhop dancers we transfer the listeners back into brillant times of swing & jazz.


More and more, even young people enjoy these concerts and are to be inspired for this.


This epoch of the history of music is imperishable and if a comeback experiences just again.


Concerts on big or small stages are our home.
We present not only this music, but live this and if these try to the listeners and guests so near and to give an understanding realistically and to arouse enthusiasm.

A music where nobody long on the chairs sits, or itself not moved.


We hope that we give with this short discription your interest could wake up and would please us about a feedback very much.